Tour Policy


Event Entry

Tournament Format

Tournament Field

Tee Times

Tour Schedule


Order of Merits

Entry Procedure

Closing Date for Entries


Tournament Withdrawals

Membership and Tournament Fees


Players and Caddies Attire

GPS or Laser Assistance

Buggies and Trolleys

Mobile Telephones

Live Scoring and Rulings

Slow Play

  1. One bad time: Verbal warning from an official.
  2. Two bad times: One stroke penalty plus £50 fine, to be paid before next Tournament entry.
  3. Three bad times: Two-stroke penalty plus £100 fine, to be paid before next Tournament entry.
  4. Four bad times: Disqualification.
  5. Please note: Fines are accumulative.

Timings will be as follows:

  1. Par 3’s 12 minutes
  2. Par 4’s 14 minutes
  3. Par 5’s 17 minutes.

Appeals Procedures

  1. Any appeal regarding penalties must be referred to the Tournament Director immediately after the round is completed and before the card is signed.
  2. Tournament closure. The tournament is deemed to have closed 30 minutes after the last group have left the registration area.
  3. In all cases the Tournament Directors decision is final.


Suspension of Play

  1. To mark the ball, or finish the hole currently in play.
  2. All players must then report directly to the Tournament Registration
  3. Not until the players have been given permission, may play resume.

Course Unfit for Play


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