About the Jamega Pro Golf Tour

Jamega Pro Golf Tour was launched in 2005, creating a platform for professional golfers to experience life as a touring pro.

Over the last 16 years we have witnessed several Jamega Pro Golf Tour players progressing to European tour and Challenge tour status. This includes Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston, Tyrrell Hatton, Todd Clements and Zane Scotland.

Established in 2005

25,000 competitors from over 19 different countries

49 hole in ones

Over £4million in prize money

Guys, just remember "I don't make the rules", just enforce them! Also the rules work for you, as well as against you, have a read!

Tony Jones
Tournament Director and Referee

Meet our team

Without our team, the tour wouldn’t be where it is today.

Patrick Blunt

Tournament Director / CEO

Kieran Cleeves

Head of Photography

Tony Jones

Tony Jones

Head Referee

Sally Jones

Head of Operations

Nathan Massey

Head of Social Media

Jack Gilly

Head of Media

The UK's no.1 developmental golf tour

Join one of the most prestigious and inclusive tours in the UK to date and play with other pro golfers from around the world

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