Jamega Launch One Day Series for 2014

Jamega BannersIn order to give more players the opportunity to play we have decided to run 35 One Day Tournaments throughout the 2014 season.

25 of these will be run on the first day of the main 2 Day tournament, which is normally a Monday. This will open up events, played under proper tournament conditions, to professionals, assistant professionals and amateurs who may have limited time off, due to work.

You can enter these events by clicking on the venue you wish to enter and that will give you the option of either entering the One Day or the Two Day events, or you can enter both if you wish. 

The cost of a 1 day event is £125 for Pros and £65 for Amateurs. Amatuers still enter through Single Figure Golfer (linked to within the entry system when you state you're am amateur).

The remaining 10 One Day events will be run at the end of the week, normally on a Friday, and although these will be stand alone tournaments, players will get the full main 2 Day event experience.

These 10 events are listed separately within the main tournament schedule on the website so just click on the venue and that will allow you to enter the event.