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Get Practising For A Full Season of Play With Jamega.

Firstly, we welcome you and thank you, for joining The Jamega Pro Golf Tour for 2010. For those of you yet to complete your membership, we look forward to hearing from you.

We’ve had a fantastic membership uptake already, we anticipate 2010 will be our best year so far, come and play your heart out, gain the experience, we want you all to enjoy and succeed. Whatever your targets, we’ll do our best to give you the right conditions, with excellent golf courses and organized to make your events with Jamega an enjoyable first step, to a long term career in tournament golf.

ALL, players must re-confirm their entry into every tournament between Wednesday and Friday leading up to each event, by text or a phone call, this even includes those of you that have listed and paid in advance... you might have picked up an injury and be unable to play!! Obviously those of you that enter on Wednesday or later have no need to re-confirm! This policy is to enable tee-times to be published with more accuracy.
Failure to re-confirm will mean the removal of your start position and your entry will then be in doubt and at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Jamega has negotiated practice rounds, normally taken on the day preceding the Tournament, however for those wishing to practice earlier in the week, this may be possible but in both cases, a courtesy call is required to the Pro's Shop to request a tee-time.

Day 1 requests, for early starts (before 10:00) or a late start (after 10:00) will only be considered before tournament closure. Closure is 6:00pm each Friday. This also applies to players sharing cars and accommodation and would like to be playing in close proximity to each other.

All requests finish at 6:00pm on Friday.

On arrival on both days of the event, ensure that you report to tournament registration promptly, please follow the signs to the Registration Office where you need to collect your scorecard, pin-sheet and local rules, also to confirm your start position.

Entry Fees should be paid in advance, however any fees outstanding (late entries, for example) must be paid before the commencement of your first round. No cheques!

Those of you that are yet to supply your sponsors name or attachment / Golf Club, please text or Email soonest.
Our new tournament display and information system will advertise your sponsor or attachment....so make use of it, also let us know your national flag, e.g. Union Jack or Cross of St George.
Your name, do you wish to be James or Jim....William or Bill... Mark or Marc, please let us know.

Any queries or doubts with regards to tournament procedure or policy, firstly please read The Policy Document on our website or feel free to call the Jamega Pro-Line 07910 562735.

Don’t forget:

Any totally new “Full Member” that you introduce (after January 1st) we’ll give you a £50 discount off your next tournament entry. The larger the field, the greater the prize-fund, encourage your friends and colleagues to play.

The Jamega Team

Remember: Slow play will not be tolerated and the on course officials will impose penalties. Lets get rid of the "it's not me" mentality, slow play is initially the whole group's problem. Play ready golf, this benefits us all.