New for 2012, "Super Seven" Bonus pool

As an incentive for loyalty to the Jamega Pro Tour we've introduced a £10,500 bonus pot split into 3 sections of 7 tournaments where an additional £3,500 prize pool is available every 7th event.

To be entitled to one of these bonus prizes, you have to be a full member and  have played in a minimum of 3 of the previous 7 tournaments in the build up to a "Super Seven" event. If you played with us in Spain, then each of those tournaments also count. Only members that fit into this criteria are eligible for these prizes,

This additional prize pool with be available at event numbers 7, 14 & 21, Burghill Valley, Essendon Golf & C.C. & Bowood Golf & C.C., and will divided as follows:

1st  -  £2,000
2nd -  £1,000
3rd  -  £500

Conditions of eligibility:

Full Member of Jamega Pro Golf Tour.

Played in a minimum of 3 events in the first 7 tournaments of the UK season - The Spanish Series also counts.
Played in a minimum of 3 events in the second block of 7.
Played in a minimum of 3 events in the third block of 7.

Therefore if you show loyalty to the Tour then a normal 1st Prize of say £5,000 would become £7,000 for that event, however if a winner has not managed to fit the above criteria then the next placed qualifier picks up the bonus £2,000. Which could mean First £5,000, 2nd £5,000!

Hatfield London 16th April

Hatfield London, our first UK Tournament of 2012 is filling up fast, this event has a limited field, due lack of daylight hours, we therefore suggest that you enter and pay soon to guarantee a position in Tee List. Rather than being placed on the reserves!

Kennedy & Johnston make the cut.

Lloyd Kennedy and Andrew Johnston both make the cut in their first ever venture out on The European Tour at Aloha in Spain, well done, bodes well for the rest of the season, good luck.