Tournament information

Jamega Pro Golf Tour Information

Important Notes Regarding Entry Procedure

* The entry fee for each 2 day event is £220.
* Use the online schedule to enter the tournaments and become a member, please make all payments on-line with Worldpay.
* Exceptionally payments maybe made by bank transfer, contact us on 07910562735 for details.
* All entry fees must be paid by 6:00pm on the Friday prior to each tournament.
* Entry is on a first come first served basis.
* Tournament closure is Friday 6:00pm all requests and payments must be in by this time.
* Yardage books, included in entry fee.....No extras!
* Entry for non-member per event is £50 (space permitting), plus the Entry Fee of £220
* Category 1 Amateurs may play in the 2 day Tournament at £125 entry with no membership charges and is subject to space available. Entry is made through, SFG.
* We also run the Jamega Amateur Tour on the 1st day of the main event at £50 with some fantastic prizes.

Tournament Format

* The format will be 36 holes stroke play played in 3 ball, maximum.
* In the event of a tie the winner will be decided by sudden death play off, or shared, depending on the prevailing circumstances, with the loser/losers being deemed to have come tied second. Order of merit points and the place money will be divided equally between the losers.
* Buggies will not be allowed for either players or caddies, however the use of trolleys is permitted.
* Practice rounds are the sole responsibility of the player to arrange. We will endeavour to arrange a free practice round for the players at all events. Although normally granted, this facility cannot be guaranteed. Official practice day is Sunday, generally pm.

Rules of Play

1. R & A Rules apply at all events . There will be one Referee and at least one rules official covering each event monitoring speed of play and making rulings. Our referee's decision will be final. Any local rules that apply will be given to the players  on registration.
2. Proper golf attire is required. Shorts are not permitted. The highest standard of golf etiquette is expected of the players.
3. Warnings, penalties and/or fines will be issued to any player whose conduct or his caddies conduct is deemed to be unbecoming.
4. For a complete policy on code of conduct please consult the Tour Policy document. Pace of play guidelines are clearly set out in the policy document and will be strictly enforced.
5. Jamega Pro Golf Tour Ltd reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason at any time.
6. Admission to the Jamega Pro Golf Tour will be subject to the player fully completing an application form and enclosing the appropriate membership fee. The Jamega Pro Golf Tour reserves the right to terminate any players playing privileges should he be in serious breach of any rules set out in the policy document.
7. The tour will not refund any membership fees or part of any fees if a member is found to be in breach of the code of conduct.
8. A policy document will be available for players to read at each event and it is the responsibility of each member to become familiar with tour policy.